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Resident Evil (2002)

Plot: A special forces unit is sent into a laboratory following a massive accident that has lead to the creation of zombies. The movie is based on the popular video game by the same name.


18 March, 2002

The first of our reviews of the movie is up. You can find Dr. Strangelove's take on it right here.

19 February, 2002

A selection of 40 clips from behind the scenes are now online.

25 January, 2002

Resident EvilWant to see a bunch of photos from the film? Then check out this site which has an enormous collection of stills. Or maybe you'd just like to watch the trailer. If so check out the links below for this zombie fest.

Thanks to 'Scorpy.'

29 August, 2001

Dark Horizons reported on the Fright Fest 2001 Film Festival in London where a promo reel of the movie was shown, along with a Q&A session with director Paul Anderson. Here's part of the promo reel description:

One scene saw a soldier cornered by an approaching zombie who was on fire. A brief scene showing an underground train. (Which he later said was copied from the 2nd video game). One scene involved a partially flooded room with Milla in it. Another scene showed the heroes climbing along some kind of piping - over a room filled with undead. The pipe breaks in the middle leaving one soldier trapped behind, and another falls down into the room and is swamped by the zombies. It doesn't look like he survives! Milla calls after him by name, so might be a major character.

Anderson said that the movie is a prequel to the video games. The idea was to given him freedom to do what he wanted with the story. Capcom had input into the film but not control over it. CGI special effects are at a minimum. The budget was between $30-40 million. They plan to release it with an R rating on April 5, 2002.

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9 August, 2001

The latest edition of the Untitled Deadpool Column contains a review of Paul Anderson's version of the script. Here's a piece:

Paul Anderson clearly did his homework with claustrophobic action/horror films, and all the tricks are used here. To his credit, mostly to their full effect. The typical commando banter plays off well, the action scenes tend to work, and the characters that actually live long enough to have personalities are reasonably strong, as is typical with an Anderson action film. Like his previous movies, the character development is extremely familiar (nothing wrong with that), but motivations seem thin, and not everyone gets the pay off their development seems to warrant. Ironically, the most complicated character is actually the most two-dimensional... but I won't elaborate any further than that.

You can read the rest of the review here.

7 August, 2001

Well kids, here's a bit of information that may not make you happy. Our own Dr. Strangelove got a hold of the George Romero version of the script. This is not the version that will make it to the screen so what you read in the good Dr.'s review is only an idea of what might have been.

I caught up on some decent reading today with a draft of George Romero's Resident Evil. Being a big fan of the video game and fresh off a session of Playstation, I decided to take a look at Romero's script. What I found wasn't a bad horror movie but it needed improvements. Not that it matters anymore, Romero is no longer on the project, he has been replaced by Paul Anderson (not "Boogie Nights" Paul Anderson), who is writing and directing the adaptation. (Which, I hope stays as semi-true to the game as Romero's draft. However, I've heard quite a bit about some big computer that goes nuts, which isn't in the game at all.) Anyways, on to the script review.

For those of you un-familiar with the video game, Resident Evil deals with a team of soldiers put on a mission that goes awry. They become trapped in a mansion infested with science experiments, most of which are zombies. The team works together to get out of the mansion and destroy the virus which is turning everything into the walking dead. However, some have other motives...

For the most part, I really enjoyed the script. It stayed mostly to the video game except for a few changes: Chris Redfield is not a S.T.A.R.S. member, but Jill Valentine's boyfriend. Ada Wong from Resident Evil II makes a brief appearence towards the end. Barry Burton is black and there are a lot more team members. However, the biggest change is the lack of puzzles. The mansion they become trapped in the game was riddled with puzzles to solve. A few could of made the film better and more true to the game. The script did bear a lot of similarity to the second Alien movie, which aggrivated me at times. There was even a hispanic woman, much like Vasquez in Aliens and a double crosser who I hope plays the part better than Paul Reiser. I was disappointed that the script went so quickly. It was only about ninety pages of pure action. Which translates to a very short movie with little character development. Being a big fan of the game, I was slightly disappointed. It's not like they're using this draft though. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but it needs some work. Towards the end I didn't even pay attention to who was saying the lines because it could of been anyone. The characters could of been sketched a lot better and the screenplay as a whole could of been a little longer.

Overall, the screenplay wasn't bad at all. I hope Anderson does a screenplay that is as true to the game (if not more so) as this and elaborates on the characters instead of the action. Not a bad screenplay, but slightly disappointing.

- Dr. Strangelove (aka Drew Morton)

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11 May, 2001

Michelle RodriguezA shot like this might actually make me wonder for a moment if this movie might be good. That bad ass scowl belongs to Michelle Rodriguez. You can see lots more shots from the set and movie plus a video of a makeup test at Resident Evil Forum.

Thanks to 'Wesker' and 'Tyrant.'

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8 March, 2001

According to Variety, James Purefoy (A Knight's Tale) has joined the cast of the movie. The movie is shooting in Berlin.

27 February, 2001

According to a report on Cinema Confidential, Eric Mabius (The Crow: Salvation, Cruel Intentions) has been cast in the male lead opposite Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez.

29 November, 2000

According to AICN, the movie is starting to develop an interesting cast. So far only the two female leads are settled but what a pair they are. Milla Jovovich (The 5th Element, The Messenger) and Michelle Rodriguez (Girlfight) will play Alice and Rain respectively. Both are excellent actors which makes me wonder what either one of them are doing in this movie.

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5 October, 2000

If you're a fan of the video game Resident Evil and were excited about the prospect of a movie based on it, give up now. The movie will be made but that's not the problem. Paul Anderson, director of such cinematic masterpieces as Event Horizon, Soldier and Mortal Kombat, has been hired to direct the movie version.

The movie will be about a special forces unit sent to battle zombies. A massive laboratory accident has mutated hundreds of scientists into flesh craving zombies. Production will start in January somewhere in Europe with an eye towards a Halloween 2001 release.

Unless Anderson has turned over a new leaf, I would be very skeptical that this could be anything but a really bad movie. So far I'd say Mortal Kombat was his best movie and that's about a backhanded compliment as you're ever going to hear.

Thanks to Variety.

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18 February, 2000

It's been pretty well established that George Romero was no longer involved with the Resident Evil project but that hasn't stopped the rumors from popping up to the contrary. Well now those rumors should be considered officially squashed. In an interview with DGA Magazine, Romero talked about it.

"Resident Evil was a project with a German company. There are two sides to every coin but I don't think they were into the spirit of the video game and wanted to make it more of a war movie, something heavier than I thought it should be. So I think they just never liked my script. I keep hearing that on the websites it keeps saying that 'Romero is attached' but as far as I know, I'm NOT."

3 February, 2000

Things have been very confusing for this adaptation of the popular video game ever since writer/director George Romero was fired from this project. Apparently a new director has finally been lined up. Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) appears ready to take over the directing chores for the zombie flick. The movie is set in the future where medicine has rendered every disease curable. An evil corporation develops a new completely incurable disease and starts testing it on people. They plan to infect the world and then hold the vaccine ransom. When people get infected they turn into zombies. Wow. That sounds really... um.. interesting. Believe it or not this guy turned down Urban Legend 2 in favor of this project. That took some real guts.

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News.

29 November, 1999

This project has been struggling for quite a while now, mostly do to script problems. George Romero was originally going to write and direct. After turning in his script he was cut loose as the writer. It still remains to be seen whether or not he will direct. Anyway, below are brief reviews of Romero's script and the new one:

George A. Romero's Draft: This script was okay. It was not wonderful and had a sort of unsatisfactory ending, but It was tense and had some good characters. Contrary to the game, the lead character Chris Redfield is a guy from around town, and not a member of the elite S.T.A.R.S. And Jill Valentine is the leader of the S.T.A.R.S. team. What happens is that through the night one by one, the alpha and bravo team are attacked and killed by the zombies lurking inside the house. There's one twist though. The zombies are invicible and can only be killed by total dismemberment. This brings up the idea, to blow up the boiler and kill all of them.

2nd Draft: This one follows the game almost exactly. The zombies can only be killed by a shot through the head. All of the characters seem like the same person. There are continous scenes were Jill and Chris wonder into rooms filled with corpses. Wich makes you wonder why there were so many people in one mansion. The film relies on the story of the Umbrella company using the corpses for some genetic disease. By the end of the movie everyone, but Chris and Jill are dead. With no explanation,(except for a letter from a deceased person) Chris and Jill must fight a big evil monster. Ofcourse once they kill the monster all the zombie's die. Weren't they dead to begin with. They couldn't go around the house and kill every zombie, because then the movie would be too long. This draft is horrible at best. It never really takes off, and becomes scary. It always has an unsuspecting someone being grabbed by a zombie and being chewed up in front of your very own eyes. They really should have stayed with the George A. Romero draft and worked on making it better.

'The Idiot'

Thanks to Dark Horizons.

2 November, 1999

What is going on with this project? Good question. George Romero is definitely out as the script writer but may still be involved as the director or some other capacity. Not much is known about the script just yet but a description of the opening scene is available. It starts with a pair of park rangers eating in a cabin. They hear a noise and go outside to investigate. They come to a swamp and see a hand sticking out. They pull it out to discover it isn't attached to a body. They turn around and are promptly attacked by some creature (most likely a zombie). One ranger is eaten immiediately and the other runs away only to be run down by the monster. Wow, pretty great stuff eh? I didn't think so either.

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News.

8 September, 1999

Coming Attractions reports that Bernard Eichenger is not the official scriptwriter. He's the backup scriptwriter in the event that they can't find anyone. That sure fills you with confidence doesn't it? Production sketches have apparently been completed and location scouting is underway, possibly including New Jersey.

31 August, 1999

Producer Berd Eichinger is still looking for a director after giving George Romero the ax. He has apparently hired director Paul Anderson (Event Horizon, Soldier) to write the script from a treatment by Rainer Matsutani. The strange thing is that Eichinger reportedly doesn't like gory movies. It explains why Romero would have been shown the door. What it doesn't explain is why a guy who doesn't like gory movies is producing a movie about zombies based on a violent video game. I'm not sure it could be a bigger mess for this project.

Thanks to Coming Attractions.

4 June, 1999

Could Steve Norrington (Blade) be the new director for the movie? That's the rumor I've seen over at CHUD. George Romero was recently fired as director/screenwriter for the movie adaptation of the video game. Does it matter? Video games made into movies always suck. I can't think of a single example where this isn't true. You could hire anybody to direct this movie. It would still suck.

27 May, 1999

It would appear that this project is now seriously floundering. Electronic Gaming Monthly interviewed producer Yoshiki Okamoto. In the interview, he said that director George Romero has been fired. Romero had also written the script which they were not at all happy with. So no script and no director. This one won't be hitting theaters anytime soon folks.

5 May, 1999

This project could be dead in the water. George Romero told the Chicago Tribune that he doesn't know if the movie is dead or not. The movie was to be an adaptation of the popular video game by the same name. Romero said "It's just been a mess. I did a bunch of drafts of the script and, you know, the same Hollywood story.... I don't know if it's dead or what." Apparently the company holding the rights has not renewed the option. Damn, that sucks. Nothing stinks up a movie screen quite like adapting a video game.

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26 April, 1999

Wing Commander's crash and burn apparently hasn't scared studios off of making movie adaptations of video games, yet. George Romero is moving ahead full steam on Resident Evil. It should be released in late summer 2000. The cast has not been set, but he hopes to have cameos from Tom Savini, Ken Foree, and Bruce Campbell. Effects will be done by Stan Winston Studios. Romero is hoping to cast one big name star for the movie.

Thanks to CHUD.

16 December, 1998

According to Horror Online Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame is being considered for a part in George Romero's Resident Evil movie. The movie will be based on the video games about a SWAT team that enters a mansion full of zombies. Gellar is up for the part of Rebecca Chambers a member of the SWAT team. Let's see now, movies in production that are based on video games now includes Resident Evil, Wing Commander and Tomb Raider. Considering the quality and success of Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihilation, this seems like a bonanza of bad possibilities.

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