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Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Plot:  Based on the memoirs of Frank Abagnale Jr., the youngest man ever to make the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.


13 August, 2002

Airport SceneDreamworks Fansite got a hold of this image from the film.

2 May, 2002

We received yet another report on the shooting in New York.

Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Stephen Spielberg were shooting in Yonkers on Tuesday, April 30, in Larkin Plaza (near the MetroNorth train station), Lake Avenue and Buena Vista Avenue. Some shots from the Buena Vista Avenue shoot are on

Thanks to 'JJ' & 'AB'.
Tom Hanks in a sceneSteven Spielberg at workTom Hanks on set

28 April, 2002

The NY Daily News captured a few images of DiCaprio on the set of the film. One shot has him in what appears to be a Navy uniform. The other two photos show him making a call from a phone booth. Shooting apparently took place on Park Ave.

L.D.  phone homeDiCaprio and SpielbergL.D.  phone home

11 April, 2002

Dreamworks is in need of vintage cars for the shoot. The details are below.


Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking people who own a pre-1976 car for the new Dreamworks movie 'Catch me if you Can'. Must be a licensed driver. Car must be in working condition. Please respond ASAP. Film will shoot sometime betwen the dates of April 24th - 30th. Please mail picture of the car and driver to the address listed below. Please include phone number and address.

Grant Wilfley Casting
60 Madison Ave. Suite 1027
New York, NY 10010
Attn: PRE-1976 Cars.

Thanks to 'TG.'

4 April, 2002

Extras were being cast yesterday at St. Paul of the Apostle Church in NYC. A line approximately 2000 long wrapped around the church by early afternoon. Groups of two hundred at a time were brought in with maybe ten people per group being chosen.

Thanks to 'Anonymous.'

22 March, 2002

The latest Untitled Deadpool Column has a review of the script. It's very positive with only minor spoilers. Here's a taste:

Frank's (Leonardo DiCaprio) exploits, if you are unfamiliar with the real life events, are extraordinary, but perhaps what is most extraordinary about them is how ordinary they are. No grand schemes, no complex plans... Frank gets an idea, studies, buys some equipment, and then gets away with economic murder on almost every page of the script. It's his humanity as a con man that gets you. He isn't above us all, and everything he does seems like something we should have thought of ourselves. When he thinks he's caught with his pants down, he just recycles dialogue from TV shows, for God's sake. This is a con man we all can love.

You can read the entire review here.

18 March, 2002

The DreamWorks Fansite has come up with some on set pictures from the production. This gives us the first shot of DiCaprio in character.

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio
Thanks to 'Jawad.'

6 March, 2002

According to the Montreal Gazette, Spielberg will be in the area for five days to shoot scenes of the countryside that are crucial to the film.

Thanks to 'Deadpool.'

28 February, 2002

Alias star Jennifer Garner will appear in the film in a small role. She will play a high class call girl who catches Abagnale's eye. Garner will shoot the role at the same time that work continues on Alias.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

6 February, 2002

Filming begins this April. Locations may include Orange, New Jersy and New York City.

Thanks to Dark Horizons.

23 August, 2001

It looks like Steven Spielberg will be making this movie his next project. He is very close to a decision that would have him take the reins of this biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr. He was the youngest man ever to end up on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. His memoirs serve as the basis for the film.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Directed by:
Steven Spielberg
Written by:
Frank Abagnale Jr.
Jeff Nathanson
Stan Redding (book)
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Ellen Pompeo
Christopher Walken
Produced by:
Steven Spielberg
Daniel Lupi
Walter F. Parkes
Release Date: