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(The Results)

TR: So this past Sunday, 5.18.2003, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror films went ahead and hosted their 29th annual Saturn Awards. It's kind of like the Golden Globes for anything genre, since it honors work in both television and film. Rafael "Magnus" Pujals and I managed to snag some press passes for the event, so sit back and enjoy all the scoops, interviews, and pictures we were able to garner from this event.

UM: This was our first year covering the Saturn Awards, so I was definitely excited to be there. The list of attendees was impressive, and on a personal note, seeing David Kemper, Ricky Manning, Ben Browder and Claudia Black together again instilled me with some warm fuzzy feelings. Perhaps even a little hope... anyway, let's get started.

TR: First off, I guess we should announce the winners of the various Saturn Awards given out. The list is as follows:

Best Science Fiction Film: Minority Report

TR: There were some slim pickings in regards to actual sci-fi films this year, so I guess Minority Report stands at the top of the heap above the much maligned (and I'd argue unjustly) Star Wars Episode II.
UM: I didn't think it was such a bad field of nominees. Signs was excellent, and the latest Star Wars and Star Trek entries were good. MIB2 as a nominee is a little suspect, but in any case, Minority Report was certainly the most thought-provoking, socially important sci-fi movie out there. This was an easy call.

Best Fantasy Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

TR: Sounds right to me.
UM: I'm just in the vast minority here. Having never read the books, I still loved FOTR. But this installment literally put me to sleep. My vote would have gone to Reign of Fire or Spider-Man. Probably ROF. I dig dragons.

Best Horror Film: The Ring

TR: Once again I'd say spot on.
UM: This is a hard one. Blade 2 was great. As was Frailty. But I can certainly live with rewarding The Ring.

Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film: Road to Perdition

TR: Aside from the reservations I have about this film actually fitting into this category, I'm glad to see it get the recognition it deserves.
UM: I'm not really qualified to comment. This is the only film in the category I didn't see. Of the others, I'd go with Bourne Identity.

Best Animated Film: Spirited Away

TR: Haven't kept with the toons this year to be honest.
UM: I saw none of these. I still think that Transformers the Movie was the last real animated film made.

Best Actor: Robin Williams (One-Hour Photo)

TR: Once again there were plenty of options to go with here, but Robin Williams did turn in a magnificent and most definitely creepy performance.
UM: Even though I wasn't nuts about TTT, I can recognize a great performance when I see one. This should have gone to Viggo Mortensen.

Best Actress: Naomi Watts (The Ring)

UM: Well, Jodie Foster put in a great performance. But was Panic Room sci-fi? So I'm cool with this.

Best Supporting Actor: Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

TR: The most derserved award of the night, Serkis breathed true life into a CGI character and crafted a film personality that will be remembered for years to come.
UM: And he could do the voice on command. Creepy.

Best Supporting Actress: Samantha Moon (Minority Report)

TR: I don't know, she didn't much but sit in a tank of water and mumble for the majority of the film. I'd go with Emily Watson from Red Dragon as a better candidate.
UM: Sounds right.

Best Younger Actor: Tyler Hoechlin (Road to Perdition)

Best Director: Steven Spielberg (Minority Report)

UM: Minority Report was fantastic, so I'm all right with this. I do wish he'd handled the final third a little differently though.

Best Writer: Scott Frank/Jon Cohen (Minority Report)

Best Music: Danny Elfman (Spider-Man)

Best Network Television Series: Alias

TR: I have to admit to not being the biggest Alias fan in the world, but at the same time I can recognize the excellence of the show for what it is. I'm glad to see it get the respect it deserves.
UM: Ditto.

Best Syndicated/Cable Series: Farscape

TR: Damn Skippy
UM: I could easily write a dissertation on why this is oh-so-right. I mean, it's only the best show on television period, so kind of a no-brainer here...

Best Single Program Presentation: Taken

Best TV Actor: David Boreanaz (Angel)

TR: Damn Skippy. Or on a slightly more verbose level, it is encouraging to see that the nuanced performances that David Boreanaz turns in week after week on Angel have not been overlooked or taken for granted.
UM: Ben Browder got screwed. Don't get me started.
TR: Big shock coming from you.

Best TV Actress: Jennifer Garner (Alias)

TR: I might get lynched for this, but I would have gone with Claudia Black myself.
UM: Claudia Black got double-screwed. Don't get me started.

Best TV Supporting Actor: Victor Garber (Alias)

TR: Once again I think this award should have gone to Alexis Denisof. The character of Wesley on Angel this year has walked a fascinating line between damnation and salvation, and Alexis's performance made you care about it every step of the way.
UM: Alexis Denisof is amazing. He got my vote.

Best TV Supporting Actress: Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

TR: I love Alyson, I really do. But I do confess to being more then a little disappointed in the character of Willow this year. The writing for her has been shaky at times, and at other times it seems like Alyson just can't muster the old enthusiasm for the role anymore. Perhaps the character of Willow has changed so much that Alyson can't find her center in the character anymore. I would have backed Amy Acker's Fred who displayed a great deal of depth and character growth this year.
UM: Well, Gigi wasn't even nominated, but she probably should have been. Amy Acker was also great this past year.

Cinescape Faces of the Future Awards:

Emma Caufield: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Darkness Falls

TR: Considering I have just a bit of a crush on Emma, I don't know if I could.
UM: I have problems with Emma winning this award, simply because she seems to want no part of the entire sci-fi community.

Nathan Fillion - Firefly

UM: After getting a chance to chat with this guy, I certainly hope so. Who would have thought he was so damn funny in person? Great, talented guy.
TR: Yeah, who could have guessed that a guy who starred in a sitcom would have been funny. Anyways check out the interview section for in depth discussions with both Emma and Nathan.

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